Things have changed. Everyone is learning to adapt. For B2B Sales Organizations, it’s no different. Sales are challenging right now, but companies placing emphasis on planning will soon have the advantage. The sales teams who are allocating additional time to researching target companies and contacts will be in a better position to execute on a sales strategy now or in the near future. The ingredients for this are simple: some time; an Internet browser and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that helps with not just planning, but closing deals. Many people have the first two ingredients…it’s the third that is more elusive. The good news however, is that it does exist.

Introducing Rolldog. Our Rolldog Complete solution combines the best of CRM and the best of Opportunity Management software into a single platform. This means that we can help teams plan out their sales strategy now and execute on it when ready.

Planning your sales strategy in Rolldog:

Step 1 – Load your target companies and contact data into Rolldog. Don’t worry, it’s easy…we take care of the hard stuff.

Step 2 – Allocate your targets by territory, vertical or however you want (if that hasn’t already been done)

Step 3 – Understand your target companies. Quickly access their website; stock symbol (if public); LinkedIn profile; Twitter feed; Facebook page and Instagram account. Rolldog gives you a single location to get to know your target companies and stay up to date with them…all within one click.

Step 4 – Research contacts. Using the power of LinkedIn you can link to your contact profiles within Rolldog and capture key background and profile details. When you are ready to reach out, just click on the phone icon to call the contact from your computer or mobile device (and log the details of the call); click on the e-mail icon to send them a message; or create a follow-up activity or note.

Step 5 – Pre-qualify your leads. Based on your research, you can pre-qualify which target leads are good and which ones are not-so-good. Rolldog’s qualification capabilities allow you to subject your leads to criteria based on your requirements (we help you set this up too). The result is a list of ABC-ranked target prospects by sales rep.

By combining these planning steps with Rolldog’s value positioning capabilities and industry references, your team will be ready to hit the ground running! The best part is that Rolldog is just getting warmed up at this point. Our opportunity management capabilities can help your team every step of the way with moving their deals from planning to close!