Toronto, ON. – March, 2021 – Rolldog, a new player in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM)/Opportunity Management (OM) space, today announced its success in integrating its Rolldog Complement for Salesforce solution with Magaya Corporation. Magaya is a Miami-based logistics software and supply chain management company that leads this space with their innovative, all-in-one supply chain automation platform.


Magaya’s Chief Revenue Officer – Mark Buman – said, “The reason we wanted an opportunity management platform on top of our existing CRM is because even though we have a fully customized Salesforce environment, it is still not able to take the subjectivity out of our sales process. In order to increase our win percentage (on new prospective customers) we knew we needed a more objective solution. Rolldog delivers that capability to our sales team and executives”.


What was important to Mark is that Rolldog be able to add value without increasing any workload for his team. “From the beginning we wanted to eliminate any double entries, which Rolldog has done. Our team is now seeing the importance and value of being able to objectively manage their opportunities”.


“Magaya embodies the fundamental reason that Rolldog exists. Almost every company has invested in a CRM solution, with Salesforce being a leader in the space. But, for B2B sales teams, CRM alone has become more of a management reporting tool than a solution that can help teams proactively manage and close opportunities effectively”, said Craig Crawford – Rolldog’s Founder & CEO.


Rolldog pairs well with Salesforce to help companies win more business. “We are excited to see the immediate value that Rolldog delivers for Magaya. Additionally, our Analytics engine is just getting primed with data that will prove to be even more valuable in the future to help ‘see’ all of the objective elements that go into winning deals”, said Crawford.


About Rolldog Ltd.

Rolldog is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that helps companies manage their business relationships, increase revenue, and boost sales & marketing effectiveness. Rolldog also offers a suite of CRM-related solutions, including a Lead/Opportunity Management module designed to help companies already running a CRM to drastically improve the way they qualify, manage, score and close opportunities. Rolldog Complement for Salesforce, is a plug-in that delivers Rolldog’s opportunity management capabilities to companies that are already running Salesforce CRM.  Click here to learn more.


About Magaya

Magaya Corporation develops the leading platform in logistics and supply chain automation. The Magaya Ecosystem – consisting of Magaya Supply Chain and its collection of value-added apps and extensions, ACELYNK ABI, and Catapult Rate Management – delivers flexible, interoperable, modular solutions for the supply chain industry. Whether used together as an integrated logistics software platform or independently, Magaya solutions are designed to enable businesses of all sizes to streamline complex and redundant processes, optimize productivity, reduce costs, and grow revenue. At Magaya, we are passionately devoted to ensuring our customers’ success through our innovative solutions and comprehensive array of related professional services. We take great pride in our people, experts in the field of logistics automation, who are always willing to go the extra mile for our customers. Visit to learn more.