Why choose between a CRM and Sales Enablement software?

Rolldog is really good at both.

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Rolldog is a full-featured CRM with the perks of Sales Enablement.
One tool to close deals productively and efficiently.

What Rolldog DOES:

  • Set reminders and manage your daily tasks

  • Close deals more efficiently and effectively
  • Provides opportunity visibility & forecasting

  • Helps teams collaborate freely

  • Enables you to keep on top of customer needs

  • Allows users to find meaningful information quickly

What Rolldog MEANS for you:

  • Rolldog helps you win more business
  • Rolldog helps you keep existing customers happy
  • Rolldog helps streamline your operations
  • Rolldog makes the data you input more valuable
  • Rolldog enables better business decisions
  • Rolldog guides what to focus on

Here are a few of our key differentiators


Rolldog ranks your leads based on questions/criteria most important to you.


Using your leads, companies, contacts and territory, Rolldog helps you organize your sales strategy.


Rolldog helps manage all aspects of your sales opportunities from ‘lead to close’.


Rolldog guides the user through the sales process , providing explanations throughout.


Rolldog tells the user when something about a deal is ‘off’ or needs your attention.


Rolldog’s scoring algorithm keeps deals objective and shows the overall health of the deal.


Real-time analytics show how opportunities are tracking relative to past win profiles.

Seeing is believing!

Words can explain who we are and what we do, but a demo shows what it all means.

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“Thank you for the amazing lead/opportunity management solution you provide. Very easy to use and extremely helpful with closing deals.”

Steven – Account Executive – using Rolldog since Feb. 2021