What makes Rolldog different?

CRM is good at helping companies manage their customer relationships. Opportunity Management software is good at helping to close deals. Rolldog is really good at both.

Check our differences
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Rolldog ranks your leads based on questions / criteria most important to you.


Using your leads, companies, contacts and territory, Rolldog helps you organize your sales strategy.


Rolldog helps manage all aspects of your sales opportunities from ‘lead to close’.


Rolldog guides the user through the sales process , providing explanations throughout.


Rolldog tells the user when something about a deal is ‘off’ or needs your attention.


Rolldog’s scoring algorithm keeps deals objective and shows the overall health of the deal.


Real-time analytics show how opportunities are tracking relative to past win profiles.

For Management

Deal visibility and forecast accuracy is critical

Rolldog gives sales managers visibility into what is really happening with deals and confidence in the accuracy of their sales forecasts.


Rolldog’s Opportunity module gives you a listing of what you need to know about the deals your team is working on. See which deals are tracking well and which ones need some attention. Within one click you can drill into the “why” details.


Rolldog’s Forecast module gives sales leaders the information they want. What’s closing now and what’s in the queue to close – by date, amount, type, stage, category and rep. You can even see your team numbers against quota for the quarter or the fiscal year.


Rolldog’s collaborator allows managers and reps to look at deals together; examine risk areas and assign action items that can help move deals forward!


Activities (to-do’s, calls, meetings, etc.) can be assigned to reps or managers as reminders. These can be associated with a specific company or an opportunity. All of this helps promote better communication and accountability.


Rolldog allows you to quickly rank your leads (A, B or C) through the qualification module. Better yet, you determine the criteria!


See and manage all aspects of your deals from ‘lead to close’ – from keeping track of business drivers to timelines (and all parts in between). Built-in guidance, alerting and scoring help every step of the way.


Rolldog enables users to capture activity types, notes, dates and associate them with companies, contacts and/or opportunities effortlessly.

Received Value

Every piece of information that Rolldog captures about a company or an opportunity is given back with greater value. Whether it is in the form of a reminder, an action item or helping to see a ‘blind spot’.

For Sales Teams

Finally, a solution that helps B2B sales teams sell!

Rolldog is the solution that sales teams have been waiting for – a platform to help capture and do useful things with the details you need to close deals.

“Thank you for the amazing lead/opportunity management solution you provide. Very easy to use and extremely helpful with closing deals.”

Steven – Account Executive using Rolldog Complement since Feb., 2021