Finally, a CRM that helps companies manage their business relationships AND increase revenue

Rolldog CRM for Companies and Sales Organizations.

For Companies

  • Access / manage accounts and contacts with ease
  • Integrated email, calendar & marketing capabilities
  • Activities for users to collaborate and stay on task

For Sales & Marketing

  • Set campaigns and qualify / rank leads
  • Manage opportunities from lead-to-close
  • Stay up-to-date and in control of deals

For Management

  • Add greater objectivity to your sales process
  • See how opportunities are really tracking
  • Help increase forecast accuracy (and revenue)


“We have come to view Rolldog as a true strategic advantage within our sales group.”
Rick Williams

President, Creative Logistics Solutions, Inc.

“Even though we have a fully customized Salesforce environment, it is still not able to take the subjectivity out of our sales process. In order to increase our win percentage, we knew we needed a more objective solution. Rolldog delivers that capability to our sales team and executives.”
Mark Buman

Chief Revenue Officer, Magaya

“Rolldog is the software partner that we were looking for – great functionality, excellent support and overall, they are a great team to work with.”
Paul Craven

President & Chairman, Responsive Brands, Inc.

Rolldog Benefits

Organize & Collaborate

Manage your account information with ease. Create activities and share with your team.

Qualify & Plan

Qualify & rank your leads. Strategize on turning good leads into great prospects.

Manage & Guide

Get a 360 view into your opportunities. Proactively manage deals from ‘lead to close’.

Alert & Score

See what needs attention before it becomes a risk. Objective scoring keeps deals in check.

Forecast & Predict

Project sales revenue from accurate deal information. Analytics helps close deals based on past win profiles.

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