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Software designed to boost your bottom line

Growth isn’t about luck, it’s about having the right tools to support your sales and marketing teams from lead to close.


    Gain massive reach with one click when you automate your email marketing to leads and customers


    Not all leads are the same. Qualify, manage and rank each lead uniquely, so your sales funnel is primed for success.


    Rolldog is like a virtual sales coach. Track opportunities in real-time with our innovative scoring, alerting, and guidance system.


    You can’t close what you can’t see. Gain full visibility into deals and improve forecast accuracy, so you get numbers you can bank on.

App screenshot for the pillar CollaborateCollaborate

The secret to successful communication

Make your work life easier with organized, integrated and efficient workflow between teams.


    Create, manage and track all internal and external interactions, including seamless integration with Outlook and Gmail.

    Email + Workflow

    Automate your everyday, today. Create custom email templates and schedule them to be delivered to the right people, at the right time.


    Empower your sales team with a toolkit to succeed. Find product messaging, competitor battlecards, and collateral, all in one place.

    Report + Document

    Create, store, retrieve, share. Rolldog’s configurable reports and document storage provides a one-stop for all your important information.

App screenshot for the pillar ManageManage

Run better to grow bigger

When you deliver top tier account management for your customers today, you guarantee stronger business growth tomorrow.

    Accounts + Contacts

    Get to know customers on a Rolldog-level. Strengthen your relationships, deliver personalized service, target marketing, and unlock new opportunities.


    Gain powerful end-to-end project management. Rolldog helps track ongoing projects by phase, progress, hours and cost (budgeted v. actual).


    Get real data, in real time. With built-in analytics, track your leads, activities, and opportunities. Plus, use in-opportunity analytics to help predict win patterns.


    Skip the support line. Our quick ticketing system helps keep everyone informed and on top of customer activity and service needs.

App screenshot for the pillar Grow
App screenshot for the pillar Collaborate
App screenshot for the pillar Manage


Achieve more with the tools you already use

Rolldog seamlessly integrates with your favorite apps and services, so you stay connected to the tools that make your life easier.

  • Rolldog for Outlook

    Easily connect Rolldog to your Outlook account. Through Outlook, automatically sync your email, attachments, calendar and activities with Rolldog.

  • Rolldog for Gmail

    Integrate with Gmail in seconds. With one click, you can ensure your email, attachments and activities are always synced with Rolldog.

  • Rolldog for Mailchimp

    Power-up your email marketing when you link up Rolldog with Mailchimp. Create new campaigns, export your audience list (including tags), and reach thousands of leads with ease.

  • Rolldog for Open API

    Have an integration you need? Talk to our team. Rolldog’s open API access allows you to integrate the solutions you need with our platform.

  • Connected to 6,000+ apps with Zapier

    Gain access to 6000+ apps when you integrate Zapier with Rolldog. Zapier automates your workflow and enables effortless communication between apps.

    Zapier Logo Cloud

Tired of overpaying for an under-used CRM?

With Rolldog, get the software you need at the price you expect.

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