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Our mission

To build a platform that puts leads, prospects, and customers at the center of everything.

What is a rolldog?

A rolldog is like a best friend, a wingman, someone who always has your back. That’s why Rolldog exists, to be your partner from lead to close—and everything in between.

Our path to success

  • Endless improvement

    Growth can’t happen without change. We constantly strive to improve on everything we do.

  • Respect is #1

    Our non-negotiable is to treat everyone with respect and integrity, in and out of the office.

  • Win as a team

    Our system is work together, win together, celebrate together.

  • Show up ready to roll

    When you arrive at your best, you can achieve your best.

  • Think beyond the box

    Never settle for the status quo. We value creativity, curiosity, innovation and pushing boundaries.

  • Be a rolldog

    A rolldog will always have your back, whether you’re a friend, teammate or client.


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A CRM built by people who get it

Rolldog is the solution you'll actually want to use—because the people who made it have actually been in your shoes.

Craig Crawford

Founder & CEO

Craig has over two-decades of experience in the enterprise software industry. Craig’s experiences in both a sales and product capacity have provided a deep understanding of what makes CRM work (and what doesn’t). After years of research, innovation and frustration, Craig is proud to have founded the CRM he wished existed earlier in his career.

Jeff Bowden

Board member

Jeff brings with him over 20 years of software experience, fluency in multiple programming languages, and an industry-wide reputation as a top development manager. The Rolldog board is proud to be backed by Jeff’s technical expertise and (albeit relentless) innovation.

Gary Nemmers

Board member

Gary joined the Rolldog board as a software executive with more than 20 years of experience leading high-growth companies. As the current CEO of Magaya, and former CEO of IQMS, Gary brings a wealth of industry knowledge to support ongoing product innovation and strategic initiatives.

See why companies are making the switch to Rolldog

CRMs have become so complicated and expensive to set up. Rolldog’s adaptable solution makes it simple; quick setup, zero headache.

Why Rolldog
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