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Software built for results

  • Lowest churn rate in the industry

  • Over 22% increase in sales after one year

  • Adaptable to grow with your company

  • Customers see ROI in less than a year

See why Rolldog works for your industry

Our CRM is built to be flexible, so our environment can adapt to best fit your business.

Rolldog for industry: Technology

Rolldog for Technology

Make navigating the B2B sales process easy. Let Rolldog be a guide to help you manage your sales pipelines. Leverage our tech-focused templates to execute on your company objectives and get your product to paying customers quickly.

Rolldog for industry: Manufacturing

Rolldog for Manufacturing

See how Rolldog adds value to your value chain. Optimize collaboration between teams and get a 360 degree view of every account, all in real time. This way you can focus on your operations, while Rolldog helps you increase sales and boost your bottom line.

Rolldog for industry: Healthcare

Rolldog for Healthcare

Rolldog is the software to keep up with healthcare. Whether you develop a medical device or connect patients with the right provider, we’re your end-to-end solution. Get the tools you need to manage clients and track important documents, so your focus stays on the people you care for.

Rolldog for industry: Finance

Rolldog for Finance

Rolldog is in the business of relationships. We know your most important asset is trust with your customers. That’s why Rolldog enables you to stay connected, serve your clients, and help manage what matters most—their financial well being.

Rolldog for industry: Consulting

Rolldog for Consulting

Managing your workload can be challenging. Consultants have to stay on top of everything from projects to activities to their own time—then generate new business too. Let Rolldog keep you on track, so you spend less time on admin and more time on billable hours.

Don’t see your industry? Let’s talk.

Rolldog is the CRM made to adapt to your company’s needs. Talk to an expert today, to explore a solution designed just for you.

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