Combining the best of CRM with the
best of Opportunity Management ,
Rolldog gives you everything you
need to close more deals.


Finally, a solution
that benefits all
levels of a

Sales Organization


Rolldog is
to help
Sales Leaders SEE
and Sales Reps SELL


Who Rolldog Helps

We help Sales Leaders

We help Sales Reps

“We have come to view Rolldog as a true strategic advantage within our sales group.”
Rick Williams, President at Creative Logistics Solutions, Inc.

For Sales Organizations, CRM alone is not enough

CRM is designed as a top-down solution. Sales leaders want to know what’s really happening with opportunities and they want accurate forecasts, but the only way they can get that is if meaningful and accurate information is fed into CRM. Who feeds it? Sales reps. However, reps just want to SELL (and make their quota). Having to input information into a management reporting tool that provides little-to-no output value to them is ineffective. As a result, the information that reps enter into CRM is minimal, subjective and reactionary at best. Not surprisingly, these input deficiencies result in output inaccuracies, which can negatively impact the entire organization.

Introducing Rolldog. Our software goes beyond the basic Opportunity INPUT features that come with most CRM solutions. Rolldog starts with a strong CRM foundation, but it is our Opportunity MANAGEMENT capabilities that help close deals and keep sales reps engaged. The information that reps provide Rolldog with is given back in valuable ways through actionable deal visibility, alerting, guidance, predictability and scoring. Rolldog is a solution that reps want to use because it helps them sell more effectively. For sales leaders, this translates into more meaningful sales reports and greater forecast accuracy.

Some Rolldog Benefits

move deals forward

navigate deal risk

accuracy & confidence

unite teams

About Rolldog

Rolldog is a SaaS-based application that helps companies close more deals and increase sales revenue. Rolldog takes the best of CRM and the best of Opportunity Management software and puts them together into a single platform that benefits ALL levels of a Sales Organization.

“Rolldog is the software partner that we were looking for – great functionality, excellent support and overall, they are a great team to work with.”
Paul Craven – President & Chairman, Responsive Brands Inc.