It all started with a simple question: is there an easier way?

Spoiler: there wasn’t. That’s why Rolldog exists. We created a platform for companies to make sales outrageously simple and boost their bottom line, i.e. no BS.

Why Rolldog?

Rolldog is slang for wingman, buddy, or partner—and that’s what we stand for.
We’re your partner from lead to close.

Our Management Team

Craig Crawford


Craig has spent nearly two decades in the enterprise software industry as both an account executive and a sales manager working for companies in the SMB space, up to multi-billion dollar corporations. Rolldog is the result of years of research, collaboration and a general desire to create a ‘better’ CRM. Craig holds an HONS BA degree from York University.

Jeff Bowden


Jeff has been in the software development industry for 19 years. Fluent in multiple programming languages and with years of experience managing development teams, Jeff brings a vast amount of technical knowledge to the Rolldog Board. Jeff holds a B.Sc. degree from the University of Waterloo.

Gary Nemmers


Gary Nemmers is a software executive with more than 20 years experience leading high growth companies. Gary is currently the CEO of Magaya. Prior, Gary was the CEO of IQMS, which he led the company through the acquisition by Dassault Systems. Gary brings a wealth of industry knowledge & experience to the Board. Gary holds a BA degree from Northwestern University and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management.

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“Rolldog feels like it is a part of our company, that we are not just a customer but a partner in business. It’s relationships like these that are truly hard to find these days.”

Joel – Director of Operations – using Rolldog since Apr. 2020