About Us

Sales Management and Software Development is in our DNA.

Our Management Team has decades of experience in Sales Management and Software Development within the SMB & Enterprise space. We came together to seek a real answer to the question: “Is there a solution available that actually helps companies effectively manage their business and win more deals?”

The result is Rolldog…and we think that you will agree with the enormous value it provides any company looking for an effective way to manage their business relationships and sell their products, solutions or services.

Fun Fact

The term “Rolldog” is slang for: a buddy; a wingman; a best friend. We like to formally think of Rolldog as being a trusted advisor; a mentor; or a virtual coach.

Our Management Team

Craig Crawford

Craig Crawford

Founder & CEO

Craig has spent nearly two decades in the enterprise software sales industry as both an account executive and a sales manager working for companies in the SMB space, up to multi-billion dollar corporations. The concept behind Rolldog is a culmination of Craig’s industry experience and collaboration. Craig holds an HONS BA degree from York University.

Jeff Bowden

Jeff Bowden

Board Member

Jeff has been in the software development industry for 19 years. Fluent in multiple programming languages and with years of experience managing development teams, Jeff brings a vast amount of technical knowledge to the Rolldog Board. Jeff holds a B.Sc. degree from the University of Waterloo.

Gary Nemmers

Gary Nemmers

Board Member

Gary Nemmers is a software executive with more than 20 years experience leading high growth companies. Gary is currently the CEO of Magaya. Prior, Gary was the CEO of IQMS, which he led the company through the acquisition by Dassault Systems. Gary brings a wealth of industry knowledge & experience to the Board. Gary holds a BA degree from Northwestern University and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management.

Our Approach

Every customer is a partner

Your success is not only important to us, it is crucial.

Value to the company and user

Our application is powerful, easy-to-use and intuitive.

Easy setup and configuration

We will help you roll out Rolldog quickly and effortlessly.

Seeing is believing!

Words can explain who we are and what we do, but a demo shows what it all means.